The Lens Vade Mecum says: Rapid Rectilinear Portrait f4.0 made in 6 foci, 10-22in, also f4.8, 30in. In 1889 this was the "NEW" Rapid
Rectilinear portrait, and was sold as:
Ordinary Intensity Type (A) This is probably the f4.0 series.
No1A, 2.75in dia. for Cabinets,
No2A, 3.5in dia. for Cabinets,
No3A, 4in dia. for Cabinets up to 9x7in,
No4A 4.5in dia. for 10x8 and Imperial Portraits,
No5A 5in dia. for 15x12in,
No6A 6in dia. for 20x16in