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I was not aware until now that the C3 ever had interchangeable lenses. I think a complete set is something rare. It sounds to me that the lenses are worth more than the plastic C3 camera body. You did not say at what distance the focus is frozen. Why not try out this setup and if it works buy another C3 to use with your other two lenses. C3's are very cheap and plentiful.
My C3 does have the possibility to use (at least to my knowledge) three interchangeable lenses. I don't think though that plastic was used for the body, GMA, according to what I have read they used bakelite and, from what I know -but I'm from the Netherlands, so just for what it's worth- the brick has been used by generations of Americans. That's probably why you can get your hands so easily on an old working C3.
I would agree with you using the Brick with this just on wide Sandmar lens, GMA, but, just picture this: if the lens is stuck how'd you ever use the focussing gear?

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