20 June 2009

At long last my cards are on the drying screens as I write. This round has begun with some fantastic work coming to my mail box. It is always exciting to see what each round brings. Hopefully my cards will go into the mail by mid-week.

The cards I have received to-date are (in no particular order) ...
The card from Rlibersky is a reminder of past days on two counts: (1) the Kodak postcard stock, and (2) when darkrooms were almost everywhere.
The card from Christopher Walrath is well composed, and nicely printed.
Mike Wilde's card is a reminder that I must go the Sierra to photograph soon.
I like how FotoGys draws the viewer into the meadow. I find this landscape very inviting.
Initially the card from mike c was a little unnerving. Did not realize that moths that big existed. I really like the warmtone. It makes the details really "pop".
Pete H's card is so inviting and smooth. Even though it is dominated by high value tones the image works very well.
I like the perspective that paul_c5x4 took in photographing this car. Nothing says one must include the entire vehicle in a photograph.
The card from lorifrommontana is almost 3 dimensional. Great use of soft background.
Matt King's card also is very inviting. I would like to walk into the card and follow the boardwalk. Well done.
The card from Rmann begs to tell a story. I also like to photograph old, and decaying, buildings. They all have stories to tell.
The card from mooseontheloose is very well made (both composition and printing). The boys playing soccer about to kick the ball to Sacre Coeur (by line-of-sight). This is my favorite card so far. Fantastic use of HIE.

Thanks to all for such wonderful cards. Mine will be out soon.