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I have a C3 with a telephoto lens that I use now and then. Once the cap and gear are removed, the lens is turned Counter-clockwise to remove it. It may be cross threaded or glued in. If that is the case, it will be difficult to remove without doing damage. Sometimes just hot water will loosen glue.

A spray of WD-40 penetrating oil on a Q-tip, then wiped along the base of the lens may help loosen it.

I hope this helps.
Hi John,
Well, by now I'm stoned like back in the Sixties.. using all these chemicals: ronson lighter fuel, Asahiklin, penetrating oil and -as you suggested WD-40.
But, I can proudly tell you that I did manage to loosen the Sandmar! (I did use a device we use here over in the Netherlands to forcebly unscrew fastened lids of f.i. jam-jars. I didn't damage the ring by using folded cardboard)
Now I just have to find out who -possibly with some WD 40 too- I will be able to loosen the focussing ring of the Sandmar: that's stuck too. Only the diaphragm ring works.

But, thanks for your advice to use WD-40 John, I did have it at home, in my barn to use for my bicycle. Just was too afraid to use it with my camera's!