No one wants to silence anyone. Quite on the contrary, it'd be nice if a discussion had balanced participation from lots of different people.

Enjoying a discussion without becoming argumentative is an unspoken piece of 'threadiquette' that sometimes gets neglected and inevitably leads to harsh words. If they feel like they're getting talked over, some members check out or click the 'ignore' button. That's unfortunate, when so many excellent opinions may be read here.

Let me suggest that those who have extended, deep and brilliant thoughts on this or other subjects might create a blog essay. After 16+ comments in a thread, I assume that a person would have plenty of material to refine into a nice article, and I am sure we'd all read it

Another point is that if I landed in this thread, I'd be especially interested in the thoughts of those people who are known contributors of exceptional photographs in the galleries and portfolios.