Bay Area photographers are spread up and down both sides of the Bay, from Mill Valley (and north to Mendicino). I have lived off and on in S.F., since the late 60's, and the City is a heaven for MF and LF Film Photographers. There is a Photographers group that meets in Golden Gate Park, a group of former Combat Photographers who meet monthly (most of them still shoot for fun), the A. Adams Gallery hosts meeting, and the list goes on... A. Gasser's photographer's supply is alive and well on 2nd St. (south of Mission St.), The Photograpehr's Workshop on Folsom just around the corner from Gasser's. Some of the Pro Labs used to host meeting also.
For the pro's on tight schedules, getting to meetings is hard. I had to retire, before I started thinking about joining a group (internet helps in this respect).
I have been a working photographer in "film" for more than 40 years, and now live in Northern California, north of S.F., closer to the Redwoods and Coast I want to take photos off. I have worked in everything from 16mm to 8x10. I now use M/F 6x9 and 6x6 systems (they are smaller and lighter to carry around.
All you have to do is walk around San Francisco, and you will see photo galleries here and there (South of Market, the "Barbary Coast" area north of the Financial dist. as well as working studios.
In the City, life just goes on, I used to like watching people going about their business and occasionally get it on film.