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Seeing an "upside-down" image as natural is very natural! In fact, that is how our brain receives the image in the first place. The basic law of optics dictates that the image thrown upon our retina by the lens of our eye must be upside down and backwards...yet we perceive it as right-side up and non-reversed. So this is an exercise our brains are quite familiar with.

It is easy, at least for me -- I did not have to work hard at all to find the upside down and backwards image to be comfortable and natural way to view the scene in front of me on the GG.

Finally, someone who go it right. I too, have no problem seeing this way.

What I still have problems with are camera, like Med-Format, that are right side up, but backwards.

This still drives me crazy.

Give me, both, ( Upside Down & Backwards ), or neither, ( normal viewing ).

Not Right side Up , but still Backwards.