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No one wants to silence anyone. Quite on the contrary, it'd be nice if a discussion had balanced participation from lots of different people.

Enjoying a discussion without becoming argumentative is an unspoken piece of 'threadiquette' that sometimes gets neglected and inevitably leads to harsh words. If they feel like they're getting talked over, some members check out or click the 'ignore' button. That's unfortunate, when so many excellent opinions may be read here.
I think you are right Keith. One thing I have observed, however, is that many APUG threads do not really involve much discussion at all, but rather just a series of people stating their views and not really interacting with the thoughts of others at all. Not always, but quite often. I agree that unnecessarily argumentative or repetitive posts can be tiresome. But as long as there is respect and a bit of tact, I think it is nice to see discussions with a bit of spirit sometimes, especially when lots of people are chipping in. I reckon it can actually make the place feel more like a community, rather than less. Just a thought...

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Another point is that if I landed in this thread, I'd be especially interested in the thoughts of those people who are known contributors of exceptional photographs in the galleries and portfolios.
Not sure that I would need to see someone's work before taking their thoughts on a philosophical question as seriously as anyone else's...
But I take the hint. It is about time that I for one got off my behind and embraced digital to the extent necessary to scan and post some images here!