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Have to go pick up the mail in the morning, but I'm half way through addressing my cards...just another 25 to go, roughly. Doing it over the course of a few nights.
Dang canadians and your long addresses
We are a giulty as you with the long addreses. I could just say street address , 4 digit postal code, country and the post card would get to you. Most peoiple include the long address as though you were going to drive there, rather than have the postal system deliver it.

For us, the street address, postal code and country is all it takes. For instance, when I hand address an envelope that is going out and want to be brief, my return postal address is 2332 Homelands, L5K 1G6, Canada. If I happenned to live in an appartment buiding, my return postal address could be as short as my unit number, and the psotal code, because most large apartment buildings have their own postal code.