i still use the last of my type 54 and type 55 . Now the pa-45 holder from fuji with their color and b/w films. I think that the QC from fuji is better than that from Polaroid, at least in the last 2 years or so. Sometimes its nice when doing a shot where you still 2nd guess yourself and your calculations on that transparency where you don't want to risk it. I find it easier to pack a single pack of color and a pack of b/w when i backpack, and sometimes when you're 2nd guessing yourself(hey, photogs do this, at least this one does sometimes )

I still know many a professional who is still shooting 4x5 who uses it. I have assisted for an automotive shooter who uses his PA-45 religiously. Whatever the shoot size (1 car or 10), he always has a case or 2 of the film at hand. Hey, it gets me some cool pics to post on the fridge

He's starting to shoot more digital on jobs now, but he still prefers 4x5 transparencies.

But in answer to your question, YES; there are still many people who like to see what they have working for them if they have any reservations about the shot.