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I don't know if it will help, but I made this little card to help me out in the field. I laminated it just today. Here's a gift to every APUGer!

I made this little card to help ME out when I am in the field...

averse -not- adverse.

brake -not- break (when dealing with parts that stop the car).

New Orleans -not- N'awlins (if you ain't from there you sound like an idjit trying to).

the City -not- Frisco.

Eine Jaegerschnizle mit pomme frites und salat bitte -not- Gimme some that pork and supersize them fries.

Could I take a picture of ou and send you one? -not- Get the hell outa the way, can't you see I'm trying to take a picture of the TransAmerica building?

It keeps me in good standing...


tim in san jose