When I have some time, I'll scan some old Spiratone catalogs and ads and post them at spiratone.net (nothing is there now, but I do own the domain)

Greg Spira

Dear Mr. Spira,

I found your post on Spiratone Catalogs you said you'd scan and post on spiratone.net website. Will you ever get some time to do so? I am sure
many APUG and other phot forum members would be delighted to download them, in memory of the late Mr. Spira and a great photo store he run
in New York.
I visited it once only, on my first visit to the US, in 1988. I read about it in Popular Photography for years before (I am from Europe) and was delighted to see it in person. It was more impressive than B+H at that time....
Thank you in advance!