Well, I was lucky enough that someone else "won" that pallet of photo gear. Thanks to all who lurk and bid.

I did just get a new camera. It is a pre-anniversary Speed Graphic, made about 1936. The focal plane shutter needs CLA, as it is very sluggish. It has a Zeiss 135mm lens in Compur shutter. The leaf shutter works just fine, so I'm in business. I can wait to get the focal plane shutter working. Eventually, I'll want to use it with an old Ilex Paragon 7 1/2" barrel lens.

I now have the backpacking camera I have wanted. The only problem now is a tripod. I just started to research tripods. I checked out Karen Nakamura's web site comments on tripods. (I love Karen Nakamura!). Ouch! Tripods are pricey. Sigh... What to do?