hi carsten

first off, welcome!
there are a few large format pictorial lens users here
hopefully we can answer some of your questions and point you in
the right direction for finding info here on the web ...

i am not sure about the top ten or five
but wollensak made many many portrait lenses
in its day. some of them were better than others.
often times they were based on a lens design ( like a petzval )
or a rapid rectalinaer.
some of their names began with the letter V
for example vitax ( fast f3.8 ) was based on a petval
and it had a de-focus knob ( which are sometimes sheered off )
the defocus knob moves the rear element back and forth
to give a soft effect, if the lens is stopped down, sometimes
they are frozen too.
the verito was based on a rapid rectalinaer and could be used as a convertible
the veritar was a coated and slower version of the verito ...
there was also the versar, varium, volta and others ...
you can get a good idea of what lenses were available
by poking around seth broder's website cameraeccentric.com
he has vintage catalogs from the manufacturers with information
about focal lengths, and converted focal lengths ...

some of the wollensak lenses came in a barrel ( no shutter ) others
were mounted in a "studio shutter" that uses a long throw shutter release ( or a degroff! )
it was a simple shutter that people often think is broken or useless when they describe a lens they don't know about.
some of the older lenses were mounted in pneumatic shutters, newer ones were in betax shutters that had variable shutter speeds
and the veritars were often mounted in modern alphax shutters.

some folks like to use the 14" lenses that cover 8x10 for 5x7 cameras so the camera isn't in the face of the sitter
and the next size up for 8x10 ....

have fun and good luck!