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Wow, after having just watched this a second time, I'm amazed at how roughly the print can be treated. She really goes at it with that brush! I was also very happy to see how the excess water is wiped off, because I would have been deathly afraid of smearing the ink via the method she uses, but apparently it's not an issue.

My matrices are drying. I'll super-dry in the morning and resoak; then I'm off on a brand new adventure! (although I only have the black ink, no colors. )

Gene, if you don't mind my asking, what paper do you use for your bromoils? You're the reason I've decided to take up the process. I've just been blown away with your work.

I'm using Kentmere fineprint VC fine grain matt (semi matt) - not warmtone.
Also Slavich Matt - grade 2