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Took a incredibly pointless photo class my freshman year of college and dropped while I could still get my money back--the teacher spent the first two days explaining what SLR meant. I had also planned on using my rolleicord for the class, but was told that I couldn't by the professor because it was too advanced--apparantly 50 years old with bigger film=advanced?

Ha ha. Thats horrible, kind of like the person who called me "High Tech" for using a 60 year old 4x5 press camera. Appaerently advanced means using your brain instead of letting the SLR figure out all the settings for you?

I took three semesters of photo in colloge, partially to fill my minor requirements, and mostly just to get access to the darkroom. The Photo I actually tought me a bit, but from there on out they classes becaome mostly "Expressing your emotions" type teaching, so I had to mainly rely on the internet and books to gather information so I could progress beyond taking very 18% gray photos of my cat or bedroom wall.