Thank you for the replies and input. I guess it might make sense to at least have the capability of using the packs. My wife and I travel a bit by car, some distance, and I take the 4x5. It's my first, a Cambo, seems quite versatile, but not very portable, so I see a folder in my future if I can learn and get comfortable with 4x5. It would make sense to be able to pre-verify exposure, etc. since these may be one-time opportunities that I can't easily go back and reshoot should I screw up.

Here is my problem. I've done a number of searches and found many references to 4x5 instant film pack backs and films. It seems Fuji is about the only option film-wise and it comes in 2 different size/formats for black and white??

I've seen references to various pack backs also, several older Polaroid backs that might be compatible with Fuji film packs and of course Fuji backs. I don't know if it's a matter of too much coffee, or not enough, but my head is swimming.

Can someone deliniate the various combinations of backs and film packs that are suitable for my needs?