If you're interested in Pictorialism and need a lens that will fit on an 8x10 field camera--I'd suggest a 14 1/2" Wollensak Verito. The Verito is a good choice for pictorial landscapes, portraits, and stopped-down--it's sharp enough for general use. It's not a small lens, but will easily fit on an 8x10 field camera and it's not too heavy. It's a convertible lens, so if you remove the front element, you have a 24" soft focus lens. It won't be inexpensive, but it's affordable and a good value. The Verito is available as a barrel lens without a shutter, or in a Studio shutter. If you find one in a Studio shutter, there will be a good chance that it's broken. That's ok, as long as the aperture function works--you must have a working aperture with a Verito because the aperture controls the degree of diffusion. That leaves you with the question of how to deal with no shutter or a Studio shutter with a maximum speed of ~1/25 second. I use orthochromatic litho film because it's slow and develop it for continuous tone or shoot with wet plate (the insane option). Another option is the use of a large Packard shutter. Petzval lenses are another interesting option, but not really classic pictorial lenses.