Here is the reply to my email to Paval about the use of Ilford Delta 400 and Pyrocat-HD. I asked him if it was ok to reproduce it here and he was happy to let me.

Hi Eric,

Yes Iíve tried it and it is actually a very nice
combination. I am still on a learning curve, but quite
close to be done with all tests. I really recommend to
shoot some clouds during sunset to appreciate this
developer, it is really amazing. Here is what I do
and you should experiment to try to find if it works
for you.

I am doing silver-gelatin printing on graded fiber
based paper.

Presoak film for 5 minutes (distilled water).

Develop in JOBO on lowest setting [around 25 rpm (10
to 20 is even better) Ė this is important when I had
rpm around 40 my fb+f was way up!] @ 70F, amount of
developer 800 ml, dilution 1:1:100 . Delta 100 @ EI 50
for 11 min, Delta 400 @ EI 160 for 12 min.

/You should do your personal film speed test to find
out real EI of the film with your technique. My
numbers look lower in comparison with others./

Use a plain water stop bath for one minute or a bit
more changing 2-3 times (tap water).

Use a TF-4 fixer dilution (1:3) for 5 minutes.

Wash in running water for 20-30 minutes.

Check out these sites, thatís where I was starting

Good luck!


--- eric <> wrote:
> Sandy suggested I contact you about using Pyrocat-HD
> with Delta 400. Have
> you tried it? If so do you have any recommendations
> I could follow if it was
> successful? Also do you have a website I could
> visit to gain more
> information without having to bug you?
> Thanks for your help.
> Eric