Hi all,

I'm currently a photography student at a local J.C. in Northern California. The class I'm currently enrolled in is on digital photography. Anyway, during a DOF lecture and discussion, the instructor mentioned that if you had an older film camera lens, chances are you had a depth-of-field indicator on the lens barrel.

He went on to explain that these were very helpful in understanding DOF and that unfortunately, because of different sensor sizes in todays digital cameras, most lens manufacturers no longer include DOF indicators on their lenses.

Anyway, I have a Minolta X-700 that's in very good shape, with one exception: The film advance lever is locked-up. I discovered this after the lecture on DOF and wanted to do some experimenting.

I also have two Rokkor-X manual focus lenses that are also in excellent condition.

Has anyone experienced this problem and/or can recommend a good repair facility?

I'd eventually would like to get back into film and had hoped I could use this camera. If I sign-up for a film class, having a camera already would be a plus. Otherwise, I'd have to purchase used. As I said, the camera from a visual esthetic perspective in in excellent shape. No dings, scrapes or scratches -- inside the camera is clean. Just the film advance lock-up problem.

Thanks in advance.