New brushes shed far more than they do after some use. Most will shed some. I normally wait a day to clean off the hairs. Then they'll usually float off if the bromoil is placed in water. If not, they're easy to coax off with a water color brush. I mainly use 1" round boars hair basting brushes from Williams-Sonoma. Many prefer to trim these to a stag foot shape. I use 'em untrimmed, as they come from the store. Not sure that Williams-Sonoma still carries these brushes as they are not on their web site. My local Williams-Sonoma still has these, however. They sell for about $10.00. My friend, Maija McDougal, Pres. of the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain, prefers inexpensive shaving brushes which she trims with scissors. Home Depot has a Ralph Lauren faux finishing brush. It's stag foot and about $12.00. It's fine for bromoil. My manual, Bromoil 101, devotes several pages to brushes. Don't mean to spam. Got it?