I have the Nikkor 50mm 2.8 (newest version) and the Schneider 80mm 4.0 Comp-S (newest version). While not exactly a direct comparison, I can offer this:

Both are tack sharp.
Both have illuminated aperture indexes.
The Nikkor's aperture index is larger and easier for me to read.
The schneider has the quick pre-set stop down lever = fewer mistakes
The Schneider has 1/2 stop aperture indents (clicks)

I find the Schneider to print just a tad cooler than the Nikkor. This translates to roughly a 1-1 1/2 point difference in the M & Y filtration to render identical prints (Omega Dichroic ll lamp house).

You can't go wrong with either. It's just a question of features, not glass.