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I am glad it worked Willem! Here is a link to a web page that has tinkering information for the Argus C3 : C3 Information

It has an exploded view drawing of the lens that may be of some help.

The WD-40 is good stuff, as long as a small amount is used. I used to repair music synthesizers, keyboards and guitar amps. Sometimes I would get one in that was soaked with the stuff, shorting out the electronics.

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Thanks John,
I will especially take your warning to heart not to use the stuff too much in the future! In case of the lens I did almost soak the C3 and lens in WD-40. My son who's a musician told me the same you said: he had ruined some electric-guitar device giving it a WD-40 bath.
Thanks also for the great C3-page. It's a great help togehter with the fact that it's an Argus C3: someone experienced (I think it was Ed Romney) told that the C3 is THE camera to learn a bit about camera-repair!

Wish you a merry christmas,