26 June 2009

Mike, Lori, Chis, and Paul:

I am glad you like the card. It was a challenge to get this image because I was working "in between raindrops".

Bodie is just north of Mono Lake on the east side of the Sierra in California. In the late 1800's it was the most populous town in CA. Why? It sat on one of the richest veins of gold found in the "Mother Lode". Alas after about 20 or 30 years is became a ghost town, and now a State Park. The striking thing about Bodie is how well preserved it is. Being located at at 8000 feet elevation and in a very dry environment is the primary reason (little water => little rot). This photograph was made in north part of Bodie near the jail and "Chinese section" of town.

It is a really neat place to photograph.