I am attending The Expressive Print on April 22.

As I posted recently in another thread, I had been going along doing my Azo contact prints and my enlargements more or less separately. Then two weeks ago I put both up on the wall at the same time, and was immediately embarrased by my enlargements. And since I have small children that just do not sit still for the 8x10 and since I like to photograph when I travel, and when a view camera is not convenient, I figure I am going to have to learn to print by enlargement much better. Les's book and advice about split grade and split developer priniting have actually helped immensely, but because he's not here to say "almost, but try this...", I'm stuck half way up the learning curve. If Les were here and offering a workshop, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

I've never been much of a technical photographer, which is why I enjoyed Michael and Paula's workshop more than I expected. But I am eager to improve, so we'll see how it goes. I will let you know.

Also, by the way, I am very impressed with John's pictures. Especially the long exposure/compensating developed evening and interior pictures from Places Of Power.

And I love Monterey. Any excuse to go back...