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I plan on starting to print in my new darkroom soon on a Super Chromega D Dichroic II. Phew.
Anyway, on Ilfords website it says something like using 25 yellow and 40 of magenta is equivalent to grade 2, using their variable contrast paper. The numbers I gave are probably wrong, but my question is for those of you who use this enlarger, do you begin making test strips with the filters on at all, or do you start with them in grade 2 position or what?
This will be my first time printing so forgive me if the question is confusing.
Also, what light source do you use toi make the print. White, high or low.

If you have truly never printed, start with the paper manufacturer's recommendation for grade 2 and dial-in yellow filtration to lower the image contrast and magenta for more contrast. Once you got familiar with that concept, consider the advise given below.