Hi All,

I spent the last couple of days thinking about and looking over a large variety of Hake brush, trying to determine what the best for alt work might be. A visit to my local Japanese Caligraphy store (being in Japan makes this easy) and spent several hours going over brushes.

A long talk with the owner came up a variety of brushes. They range from the super cheap synthetic brush to the ultra expensive human hair brush.

This isnt a big store and he had in stock,

Synthetic brush
Camel Hair
Goat Hair
Wool (Sheep)
Pig Hair
Cat Hair
Human Hair
And a few others I cant recall.

The human, cat and pig hair brushes were the most expensive a 4 inch brush was in the 130USD range which are handmade. The others were quite a bit cheaper, wit the synthetic brush only costing 5 bucks.

I havent had a chance to look into the actual properties of the various types of hair yet, but thats next.

Anybody have any thoughts about the best type of hake?