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I know from reading other posts that you sold have sold a couple of these. Is there any chance you have one in stock?

I am currently sold out of the 4x5 Chamonix 045n-1. I don't expect to get any more in until the next prodiiuction batch is completed sometime in August. I will post an announcement here when they are on their way from the manufacturer.

I still have a lovely 5x7 camera in walnut/black available.

I have learned from Chamonix that they will not be making any more cameras from walnut. They have nearly exhaused their supply of walnut and are reserving what remains for repairs of existing cameras. They still have plenty of maple on stock and have secured a large supply of teak for future production runs.

So, everyone who has a walnut Chamonix now has a bit of a collector's item on their hands. It's too bad they have run low on walnut as it's a very beautiful wood. The maple cameras are a little lighter (about 2 oz. in the 4x5 size) and are beautiful in their own way (it's all a matter of personal preference). I'm sure the teak cameras will also be very attractive once they become available.

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