Hi All

Thanks for the comments. Honestly, I wanted a Richeson brush, but they are hard to find here and very expensive when you do about double the cost of US. At somepoint I might breakdown and get one, but for now Hake are much more readily availible for me.

All the brushes I used,as well as looked at recently were all the traditional hake brushes, with no metal and hand sewn. The main difference is the type of hair and the size is what determines the price. Considering the high cost of some of those brushes, buying a bunch a playing around is not going to happen if it does the wife will put the hake somewhere I dont care for them to go.....if you get the meaning.

Ray, I went to my local calligraphy shop here in town they sell the regular calligraphy brushes and specialized hake as well. For calligraphy they actually had a couple of small brushes made from Human baby hair, which shocked me. They were priced out of sight though. NHK Bi no Tsubo isnt shown anymore as far as I know.

Thanks for the feedback, I will do a little more research in the hair types and report back when time permits.

Thanks all.