I bought a Leitz CA2500 slide-projector a couple of years ago and have been using it quite happily apart from a couple of things:
1) there is a solenoid which should move when the slide-advance button is pressed, and it occasionally sticks;
2) the 'curtains' which close/open during slide changing are sometimes rather sluggish.

The first point should be relatively straightforward I think - the solenoid is easily accessible when the baseplate is removed - although I'm not sure what sort of lubrication I should use (if any?? There appears to be a small amount of corrosion on the solenoid's plunger).

The second point I think will need a bit of disassembly; but of course I don't want to just start taking it apart in case I can't get it back together again! I can't find a service manual online anywhere, whilst Leitz themselves would like me to ship the projector to them so that they can service it (at a cost of nearly 200 IIRC!)

Any tips/information sources?? Thanks