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I'm down here having a blast but would like to know if there are any good shops or stores? I like dirty camera stores filled with odds and ends, hopefully ran by a man who knows more than I do about every thing.. Like $100 Deardorff's, some post-ww2 leica's in a drum, etc.
There was a shop just as you describe in the Red Barn flea market in Bradenton... and yes, there were boxes and barrels and drums full of cameras and miscellaneous gear. I once picked up a Tamrac Expedition backpack for a few dollars, though some of his stuff was grossly overpriced. (I think he was asking $350 for a decrepit Yashica Mat)

I was saddened to learn this last year, though that the owner had passed away and his shop had closed. I don't know what happened to his stock, though it is likely that it was "liquidated" which might mean it was carted off to a landfill. No one I spoke to could give me a clear answer as to what else may have happened. As far as I know, he was pretty much the last of his breed in the area. If anyone lives in that area, it might be a rewarding quest to find the old fellow's stock.