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I disagree. All that's needed for color, beyond that needed for B&W, is color filters (in the enlarger or as a separate filter set), color chemicals, and of course color paper. There are additional color-printing tools available (drums instead of trays, color analyzers, color viewing filters [which are distinct from color printing filters], etc.); however, these things are optional extras, not necessities. Some people, myself included, even prefer developing color prints in trays rather than in the drums that are more commonly used in home darkrooms for this purpose.
I admit itís been a while since I did any Colour processing - so I will defer to your greater knowledge of both the colour process and the necessary darkroom equipment

When I do Black and White, I just process at more or less the darkroom ambient temperature

However, the last time I did any RA4 processing, I remember having to do it at 38C, for which I needed heated trays and chemicals together with water tempering baths.

This equipment needed to achieve and maintain everything at the 38C process temperature was extra and additional to that needed to process B&W.

It was that extra equipment I was referring to

Sorry for any confusion