I need some advice about a printing project I'm going to start next week.
I'm going to print a portfolio of around 30 11x14 & 16x20 Black and White prints on FB paper from 6x4.5 negatives.

I work at a University and spent the last week using a Omega Enlarger trying different paper and developer combinations in order to get back into printing and expand my options down the road. The problem is that I don't think that the enlarger has ever been aligned and the amount of dust on the condenser side of the lens tells me it probally hasn't been used in a really long time. I had to use a 135 mm lens because I couldn't find the correct setup to mount the 80mm lens.

I was recently recieved a Devere 504 Wall mount enlarger with a Ilford Head.

Assuming this thing is operational would I be better off trying to set this thing up. I don't have a manual either so I'm not really sure how to set it up.

In other words will my printing experience be better, and will it be easier to acheave consistiant results with the Devere 504. (Better Prints). I know my technical ablities will reflect my prints, but I'd rather not have to wrestle with an enlarger when I have the Devere sittinig in my livingroom. But on the other hand I'll have to build some sort of movable cart or wall in the darkroom to mount the thing to.

The guy who gave it to me said the Dever is one of the best enlargers you can get, but I really have no idea how it compairs to the Omega.
I believe its a Omega 4x5 enlarger with an adjustable condenser.