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My dad has longed to see a picture "exactly as the eye sees it". What lens would do this. Is it possable to have a lens that is just the same mm as the eye? Thanks
First, define what you mean by 'exactly as the eye sees it'. Do you mean how a person looks at things/focuses/pays attention, or do you mean a 1:1 apparent size relationship between the print and the object in the photo?

If it is the first, then Ian's spot on. I tend to stare at a screen all day, and my vision - what I tend to look at has narrowed up over the years. It used to be that an 85mm lens equalled what I 'saw'. Now, 105mm - sometimes 135mm (yeah, I ought to get out more often).

But if you want the objects in the print in your hand to have the same apparent size as a landscape, Nicholas' comments would be your key.