Tim, it really depends upon your time scale

If you want to print a body of work within the next few weeks - then use the darkroom kit already set up - put your effort into the prints

If you are not anybodies time line then set up your own darkroom with the DeVere and use it instead - but it might take longer than you expect

It can be quite an unbelievably frustrating experience to print on one Enlarger only to find you need a completely different set of settings when you transfer to another machine.

In addition, there is something amazingly satisfying about having a Darkroom of your own and having spent years using University/communal/other peoples darkrooms, I would find it very hard to go back


ps – the wall you plan on mounting the DeVere to needs to be rock solid – so as the Enlarger exposes a print you can move around the darkroom and not have to worry about blurry prints