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hmmm - well, I've had no issues, not a registered co. - I explained I was a photographer and wanted to some chems for some alternative processes, I've even gone out to the warehouse to pick it up - nice guys ... My freezer at home is filled with a fair few Ajax bottles and containers.

Something has changed.

Perhaps it is your approach - as you say you're "not that kinda guy" - why expect them to make an exception for you ?

As for the cost - Photography has never been a cheap enterprise, let alone hobby.

I am working 80hr weeks at the mo' and am moving house from one place without a letterbox to one I don't know where yet, in the next don't quite know how long yet either - I wont be able to help you with delivery, sorry mate !

when i said "im not that kinda guy" I mean im not the sort of person that has upstanding members of the community he can call upon for referalls to chemical supply companies, I hang with muso's and artists not judges and doctors, I didnt mean i wasnt up to jumping through a few hoops and certainly wasnt expecting them to make an exception for me as you said I was.

I sent them a polite email explaining who i was, the chems I wanted, and exactly what i was going to do with them and they just sent me an email back essientially saying youll get nothing till you have been thoroughly checked out. Im not completely stupid so as to approach a chem supply company with anything approaching attitude, give me a little credit please dude, Im not a total fuckwit.

regarding cost, Im not a photographer, Im a sculptor who wants to do contact prints on silk and cotton, make a frame and animate them in real time using strobes, Im a student so i dont have the budget of a professional photographer living in melbs such as yourself, Im sorry. Thats why money is an issue for me. Primarily I recycle all my materials from commercial skip bins for my sculpture. But its not something you can do with chemicals, which is why i came here to seek advice from real life actual photograpers, not to be patronised.

and i was merely enquiring as to wether you knew what the situation was with sending chems through the post, i certainly wasnt being so presumptuous as to ask you to help send me anything, what with moving from one house "without a letterbox" to another you "dont know yet" you clearly you have alot going on in your glamourous photographers lifestyle.

thanks mate.