Here's what I was thinking. I travel a LOT, New York, going to LA this year... I have quite a bit of experience in co-ops and business. I was thinking that we get together and do four to six large orders a year. I am so damn tired of not being able to get stuff, no-one in TO really stocks paper or chemistry anymore and if they do, the prices are crazy. 250 sheets of 11x14 Ilford FB Gloss would cost me close to 500, B&H 248... A bit of a difference. I have a fallow incorporation I can re-start, get the PST, GST numbers, buy direct in bulk and people can pick up from Toronto. I see this as primarily a Toronto-based thing. It's easier in the US since the transport costs are lower. I have a friend in Buffalo whose address I can use for shipping then pick up there. Also I can buy direct from Oriental for example. I'd also like to bulk order Palladium,etc., for alt process stuff, cheaper that way. Right now, I just want to see if there would be a group of people here in Eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec) who might want to do this. If the numbers of people are good, I'll go for it.