I have a Sony 21inch Trinitron which I like (nice for gaming too).

PLUS- seems to be very sharp, accurate, great color

MINUS- two grill lines, one at the top and one at the bottom of the screen. Hard to see but annoys some people. I find it highly annoying trying to get the screen adjusted (you go into the settings and make it more wide and high, to find one side is off the screen, when you adjust that then one corner goes off, you try to re-adjust everything using trapezoid, etc, and no luck. It seems almost impossible to get the screen the full width and height of the glass in a perfect square. I ended up having mine 1/4 inch from the sides and top to get a perfect square. It is also a VERY bright screen, I initially had mine turned all the way down and it was still way too bright, I then used my video card to dim it down a little and it's been fine. I'm dreaming of the day IBM's 300dpi flatpanel is within consumer reach (right now mostly for medical use).