it would be a great idea
if it was all used in a reasonable amount
of time. i know I don't mind shooting expired
film and paper ( c41 and e6 and b/w ) but i am sure
there are others who would very much mind if the materials
they paid money for were close to expired by the time they decided
they needed to replenish their film/paper ...

back in the days when ilford used to sell to "rebranders"
photowarehouse used to get master rolls of film and paper, and cut it to order.
too bad we couldn't strike an arrangement with photowarehouse
(who is set up to cut paper and film already) to take our money, buy the film/paper
and hold on to it until we need it
they are a site sponsor, AND they were gearing up to buying master rolls of film again
(or at least had suggested they were going to do that ) .. i know, not much help for roll film shooters
but they also buy 120 + 35mm film in bulk