I've never been paid to take a stills photo and the 'glamour' of Melbourne certainly isn't why I'm here.

I suggested it maybe your approach, which is the issue I had to begin with... I too was a student doing pretty much the same sort of carry on and getting the same kind of response, it was when I approached them instead with a professional front that I got results. I found that when it comes to chemical supply companies it's easier for them to fob off students, they do quite well without them.

Didn't mean to sound like I was on a high horse or anything, I'm just busy - that being said, I think you should stop writing emails and posting here and next time you're up in AK head over to Ajax with your shopping list and a personalized variation of pleasant expectation... Maybe then we'll all be patronized and you'll discover as you suggest, they are just lovely.

phbbbbt! :rolleyes: