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As has been pointed out, it's an APS lens and will not cover a 135 frame. As to the original question, wider macros are useful when you want to get some perspective effect into the shot rather than flattening everything in the scene. Clearly it's of little to no use shooting insects, but if your subject won't run away then it can be a good effect.
It has also been pointed out that:

1) It will cover 35 mm format, even larger formats, when you use it for what it is meant to be used.

2) that being 30 mm does not make it a wide angle lens.
Angles of view change with lens to subject distances.

The purpose of making close-up lenses short is to avoid huge amounts of extension.
I'm very happy with my 16 mm lens, because i would hate to have to figure out how to get to 10:1 using an 80 mm lens.

But 'wide angle"? Where? How?