I would be OK with that. The original idea was to have it more or less be consistent with the other three region-specific groups already created for Canada, which are all labelled by the city. I'll be happy with whatever is chosen, because it will be a great improvement over nothing at all.

The Montréal centralizing in Québec is definitely a distinctly Canadian urbanization phenomenon, as the same kinds of complaints expressed by out-province Ontarians are made of Toronto/GTA/GGHA, and when I lived out west, much of northern and eastern B.C. was showing resentment toward Vancouver for taking so many of the capital budget projects (I left about two years after the 2010 Olympics announcement).

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Being a Québécois, but now leaving abroad, I think that this is a good idea. However, may I suggest that Montréal be removed from the title in order to keep it simply "Province de Québec" or "Québec". People who are not from Montréal will greatly appreciate, if this forum is to target the province and not only the city of Montréal. One need to know that people from other cities and from the country side of the province usually think that Montréal is centralizing everything neglecting the other region. Therefore, that would be a good idea not to emphases on Montréal in the title of a province wide forum.