Bill, I recon that between the two of us, if we wanted to wake up HybridPhoto we probably could. But the question is "do we want to?"

These forums are "communities". It is so frustrating that in the alt-process world that you can freely discuss 90% of everything involved, but should one person say "hey, I have this one negative with a scratch and I needed to digitize it for repair", but otherwise everything is still the alt-process the poor guy gets crucified for going off the reservation.

As a community, we discuss not only the technology and technique, but things related or sometime barely related to the technology and technique. This is one reason why the OM List is so blasted unique, because we'll as freely discuss our camera haulers as we do our cameras. Unfortunately, other online communities are rarely as free-form as the OM List.

I'm leary of mentioning the presence of my laptop in the darkroom. Talk about a bridge too far. Sometimes we are a bit "Amish" around here, but if that's the rules, I guess that's the rules.