Hmm, I have no interest in an "either/or" war about analog vs digital and doubt that anyone who has an interest in alternative photographic processes whould be so inclined. Think about it.

It surprises me that a "troll" who took the side of digital in an analog vs digital war would find themselves in an alternative photographic processes discussion. Think about it.

Most, if not all, current literature about alternative processes talks about digital negatives. An example, for any who have an interest, would be Christopher James', "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes." Considered by many to be the definitive text on the subject, it is worth a read by any serious student of the subject. Other means of producing negatives is also discussed, however I would not avoid reading it if I were an analog purist as there is much to be learned from the images and the techniques.

My observation about the amount of traffic on Hybridphoto site is just that, an observation, not to be confused with a complaint. My request to have an intelligent conversation about the merits of including hybrid photos in an alternative discussion group on APUG, was just that, a request. A request that was based on reason and logic. One that I thought would bring something to the table that was of value. Some have seen it as an opportunity to see the possibilities of such a change. Others have not.

Biill Barber