The thing you need to check with any Voigtlander medium format folding camera is the lens standard. The engineering on these was inadequate, and you must ensure there is no play in the lens -- that is, it doesn't rock back and forth.

With any of the older cameras, unless they've been serviced, you can be assured they will need the viewfinder/rangefinder cleaned and the shutter serviced. As always, check for pinholes and ensure that the camera appears to operate as it should.

The Tessar is a fine lens with excellent resolving power. I haven't used the Heliar or Skopar, but both have good reputations.

With a budget of less than $200, you have to hope for an incredible deal. You otherwise will get cameras that might need a lot of work. I hope you get the incredible deal -- they're out there, but you have to search pretty hard.