To my fellow MSAers:
Well, I've been tossing and turning trying to decide which of the marvelous water photos you all submitted is the best. I'm only allowed to pick one, I know, but if I could, here's how it would go! Honorable Mention to Uncle Bill for his lovely, lyrical Sherman Falls, the same to Matt King for Wake 2, a fine abstract interpretation of the theme, and also an Honorable Mention to Brad Bireley for his unusual POV Water Over Dam. Third place would go to nsouto's gently peaceful Morning Row, Second place to Sly's gorgeous silky Manaimo River. But top honors go to Bertus' Rain Water, for a most unique interpretation of the theme, enhanced by hand coloring. So there you have it. July/August, I believe is in Sly's capable hands, so go for it Sly!
Best Regards,
barbara ann