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I photograph musicians in performance. Maybe some of my approaches might be transferable to your situation, maybe not.
*) When shooting or moving around off or on stage black clothing keeps one less of a distraction.
*) I never use a flash.
*) I use slow speed film, (100 asa).
*) I try to know where the spots (lights) are going to be and only shoot when the subject is in those spots, giving me enough light to shoot the slow speed film with a shutter speed that will stop the action.
*) Study the art of the performance.
*) Generally long lenses are used, 200+ (35mm)
*) I work individuals rather than for group shots.
*) I watch a lot thru the viewfinder.
Wally, you're a world of information!!! Thank you very much!!!
Unfortunately I do not have a long lens and will therefore will have to work with either a 50mm 1.4 or an 85mm 1.8 on my F90X.
I'm very suprised you use such a slow film.
Kind regards