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I have a question: I've recently participated in a digital postcard round at another forum and would like to join in on this one. We had a rule that every postcard sent had to be different but I get the impression that people here are printing n copies of the one postcard. Are all prints sent out by one person typically unique or all the same or what? I know it'd take me a long time to print 20-40 unique postcards by the time I've done a couple of test strips for each and developed them all separately.

Most of us send out the same card to each person, but you are free to send out different cards to different people. Personally, I think part of the attraction comes from the variety of feedback I get from people in response to the same image.

In addition, if you do print traditional analogue prints (and there is more flexibility in this exchange than just about any other APUG event) part of the joy and challenge of making multiple prints is dealing with the minor variations inherent in the process.

Hope this helps.