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... it is a perfect mag for beginners and should appeal to veterans in the same way as the much missed Camera and Darkroom and Darkroom Photographer&nbsp; magazines.

Les Mclean who is a Apug member is a monthly contributor and just added is Mike Johnston, the founder or Camera and Darkroom and regular columnist at Luminouslandscape.com.

While it is dedicated to only Black and White and does cover various aspects of digital photography I think it deserves a look from analogue funkies.</td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
Camera and Darkroom being missed is a gross understatement as far as I&#39;m concerned.

You&#39;ve got me convinced. *ANYTHING* to do with Camera and Darkroom would be enough to convince me.

I&#39;ll check out Borders and B&N.

Does "Black and White Photography" have a web site?