A beautiful Nikkormat FTn with attached 55mm Micro Nikkor f/3.5 lens for a whopping $20. I sold it a few years ago when I stupidly got rid of all my film SLRs. Well, I'm back into them with a vengeance, albeit without that sweet Nikkormat and that splendid lens - one of the greatest primes ever made, imho. I'm not crying too hard, though, for I did get a very nice Canon T90 with 50mm 1.8 for $20. Odd thing about that is it was sitting right next to a nice Yashica stop-down SLR that they wanted $30 for. The seller had no idea the T90 was worth 10 times their asking price and I did not volunteer the information. I reached for my wallet so quickly that I almost threw my arm outta joint. SO TOO WOULD YOU!